Le mie mutande sono belle, ma soprattutto utili!

ACCESSORI – Pants for Dogs sono mutande per cani per prevenire o aiutare a risolvere alcuni problemini igienici dei nostri amici pelosi, come: incontinenza, perdite mestruali in cagne fertili.
Sono perfette sempre, sia a casa propria che in viaggio, per lasciare liberi i cani di correre, giocare, camminare ovunque.
Pants for Dogs hanno uno stile innovativo, una scala completa di misure, una perfetta vestibilità, semplicità e facilità nell’uso, si lavano e si asciugano in lavatrice.
Esistono in commercio in diversi modelli e per tutti i tipi di cani: fasce per maschi, tanga e mutande per femmine, boxer per maschi senza coda, mutandoni unisex per bulldogs inglesi e francesi.


Pants for Dogs is an American fashion house specialized – precisely as the names suggests – in panties for dogs. It’s not merely, or even primarily, a question of dressing well. These practical undies are intended above all to deal with some very concrete problems, like incontinence in older dogs or menstrual flow in fertile females.
Rather than being confining, they are a source of freedom for both you and your animal. At home or even while traveling your dog can run off-leash, play and explore anywhere without the very close supervision sometimes necessary.
Pants for Dogs come in fresh new styles, a full range of sizes and are easy to use. They can be machine washed and dried. Models range from classic boxer shorts and panties for dogs without tails like English and French bulldogs, “cummerbunds” for males as well as the fetching and brightly colored unisex thongs shown on the happy poodles above.


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