In primavera uso il “bomber”!

MODA CASUAL – Con l’arrivo della primavera si abbandonano cappotti e piumini, ma può tornare utile proteggere il vostro pet con qualcosa di più leggero. Un capo decisamente fashion e pratico può essere il “bomber”, come quello sportivo e divertente di “Doggie Couture Shop”. E’ in poliestere resistente all’acqua con la chiusura a Velcro dal collo al pancino.
Potete acquistarlo on-line al costo di 31 dollari, poco più di 22 euro.


Springtime is about to arrive and it’s time to set aside heavy topcoats and down-filled jackets. Something a little lighter is required, and what could be more appropriate than a short-waisted jacket that the Europeans call a “bomber”, after those worn by the Allied pilots of the Second World War.
This version of the classic model is from the “Doggie Couture Shop“. It’s in water-resistent polyester and has Velcro closures at the neck and across the belly. You can buy it online for $31, just a little bit more than €22.


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