Io amo essere profumato con “Baby Glam”!

PROFUMI – I nostri adorabili cuccioli possono ora sentirsi profumati e glamour con il nuovo Eau de Parfum Baby Glam firmato For Pets Only.
Baby Glam profuma delicatamente di talco ed ha una formulazione fresca, leggera ma persistente da spruzzare su un panno e passare delicatamente sul pelo.
For Pets Only lo presenta in una elegante bottiglia da 50 ml con dettagli dall’aria preziosa, come il tappo finemente cesellato, il raffinato nastro color rosa intenso e la sofisticata gift box.


L’eau de parfum Baby Glam from For Pets Only helps give dogs just the right touch of glamour without overwhelming their delicate sense of smell. The formulation has the fresh scent of talcum powder, light but lasting. It’s best applied by spraying some on a cloth and then gently stroking this over the animal’s coat. The For Pets Only people have given careful attention to the packaging as well, making the perfume – available in an elegant 50 ml bottle with a crystal stopper and bound with a pink ribbon – a good gift choice for canine special occasions.


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