Intimo per cani firmato For Pets Only

ACCESSORI MODA – Chiccosissimo il completo underwear firmato For Pets Only per la tua cagnolina adorabile come il “Lace Top in the City” e rispettiva “Coulottes in the City”. Due pezzi in viscosa ed elastam bordati di pizzo nero da far girare la testa anche ai cagnolini.


Finally! Someone has noticed that even well-dressed dogs are often “going commando” as the British say, doing without any underwear at all! Now the Italian canine fashion house For Pets Only has decided to put a stop to this indecency with two interesting sets of sexy undies: “Lace Top in the City” and “Coulottes in the City” – both with just a little hint of black lace peeking out below to drive those boy dogs crazy!


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