Per l’estate una T-shirt Roberto Cavalli Pets!

MODA – Anche i cani vogliono la loro T-shirt! Glamour e all’ultima moda sono le T-shirts firmate Roberto Cavalli create apposta dallo stilista per i nostri amici a quattro zampe.
Potete scegliere fra quelle con il monogramma RC impresso sul dorso in cristalli Swarovski o in borchie colorate, oppure fra quelle coloratissime con la corona e gli auguri di buone vacanze,…. il tutto per un estate bestiale da Re.


Doggies need their T-shirts too! Glamour, comfort and the height of fashion characterize these practical summer shirts from Italian stylist Roberto Cavalli’s line of pet wear.
You can choose from among those with the “RC” monogram across the back in Swarovski crystal or, as in the rowing shirt above at the top, in colored studs. We especially like the brightly colored Tee with the crown and the wish for a Holiday fit for a King!


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