Oche aristocratiche a passeggio

MODA – Sembrano uscite dal film “Via col vento” le tre eleganti oche dall’aria aristocratica che sfilano pompose fra i padiglioni del Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010 a Sydney, Australia. Sono abbigliate con abiti in stile Vittoriano da far invidia alle Miss Adelina e Guendalina Blabla, le oche per bene del film “Gli Aristogatti”.


These three elegant geese seem to have stepped out of a scene from “Gone with the Wind” as they march pompously among the pavilions of the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010 in Sydney, Australia. The echoes of the film world don’t end there since the Victorian style of their elaborate gowns is reminiscent of those worn by the well-born geese Amelia and Abigail Gabble, in the full-length Disney cartoon “The Aristocats”.


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