Conciato per le feste!

MODA/FESTIVITA’ – Per le prossime feste natalizie, la mia padrona sta cambiando l’arredamento “minimal chic” della nostra casa con quello in stile Vittoriano. Naturalmente tutti dovremo adeguarci e ha pensato anche al mio abbigliamento. Guardate un pò il mio nuovo look! Come vi sembro, acconciato o conciato per le feste?


I’m guessing that my owners must have come into some money because they’re transforming the interior decoration of our house from “minimal chic” to “neo-Victorian”. All that would be fine with me, especially the Persian rugs and over-stuffed furniture part, but as you can see, my Mistress doesn’t do anything by halves… The hat’s okay because you can always shake it off, but the stiff collar and the tie are killing me!


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