Independence Day in spiaggia!

FESTIVITA’/MODA – Il 4 luglio in America si festeggia l’Independence Day con feste e parate in ogni angolo del paese. Per i nostri amici a quattro zampe americani che volessero festeggiare la parata del 4 luglio in spiaggia, eccovi due capi della marca All American: un bichini a stelle e strisce per Lei o un simpatico short per Lui.
Li potete acquistare on line per pochi dollari da Unique Dog Clothing.
Animal Glamour augura a tutti i nostri amici a 4 zampe americani e ai loro proprietari una felice giornata dell’Indipendenza!


July 4th is Independence Day in the United States, celebrated with parades, parties and pic-nics in every part of the country. Thinking of our many friends across the ocean, here are two fine examples of American canine casual wear perfectly suited to the holiday: a Stars and Stripes bikini for girl dogs and a pair of patriotic boxer shorts for the boys.
You can find these and other unusual canine clothing online at Unique Dog Clothing for very reasonable prices.
Best wishes from Animal Glamour to all of our American friends, whether with four legs or just two, for a happy Fourth of July.


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