Concerto per cani all’Opera House di Sydney!

ATTUALITA’/EVENTI – Il 5 giugno si terrà un concerto per soli cani sulla scalinata dell’Opera House di Sydney. Il “Music for Dogs”, una fra le attrazioni del Vivid Sydney Festival (27 maggio-21 giugno), consiste di musiche composte con toni ad altra frequenza, inaudibili dagli umani, che la musicista e artista newyorchese Laurie Anderson, curatrice del festival col marito rock star Lou Reed, fa ascoltare da 11 anni al suo terrier Lollabelle. La Anderson dice che “ai cani piace la musica con un ritmo marcato e di una certa complessità”. Il concerto gratuito sara’ breve, 20 minuti, poiche’ i cani hanno periodi ridotti di concentrazione. Ne dà notizia il Sydney Morning Herald.


Rock Star Lou Reed and artist/musician Laurie Anderson have created a special musical event specifically for a canine audience. The two, husband and wife since 2008, have announced they will hold a “Music for Dogs” concert in connection with an Australian cultural festival. Described as “an inter-species social gathering,” the event will take place on the steps of the Sydney Opera House on June fifth.
The music to be performed at the free concert is said to have been inspired by the couple’s rat terrier, Lollabelle. Anderson told the Sydney Morning Herald that their pet “likes things with a lot of smoothness but with beats in them.” For the most part, the compositions to be played will not be audible to human listeners since they were created with the high-frequency sensitivity of the canine ear in mind.


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