Uno scoiattolo come amico, ma….

SALUTE – Per una giusta convivenza dobbiamo seguire alcune regole. Lo scoiattolo ha bisogno di spazio, quindi mettelo in una gabbia abbastanza grande, rialzata dal pavimento e in un ambiente silenzioso. Ha bisogno di movimento e bisogna farlo uscire almeno due ore al giorno. E’ un roditore che non mangia molto, però ha bisogno del cibo giusto: grano, semi di girasole, canapa e mais, arachidi e altri frutti secchi, frutta e verdura fresca e acqua. Non fategli mai il bagno, ma lavate la sua gabbia una volta la settimana con detersivi delicati. Quando arriva nella vostra casa lasciatelo ambientare e dopo una decina di giorni cominciate a farvi conoscere e ad educarlo.


Squirrels are absolutely adorable, but they are not easy to keep as pets. In some countries – the United States for instance – it is in fact illegal to do without a special license. The regulation derives from laws intended to protect wild animals from being taken into captivity, not from any particular danger posed by these furry little creatures.
Since squirrels are not common pets, there isn’t much information available on their care. We have though found an excellent article – (here) – which will tell you much of what you need to know. In general, the equipment – cages, toys and so on – is the same that you would need for a ferret.
There is one slightly surprisingly fact that you must know if you want to keep one of these delightful animals: Do not feed your pet principally with the “squirrel food” you find in pet stores. These are products intended for outdoor squirrels feeding in your yard. Wild animals like these can supplement their diets with the many other things they find in nature. Your little guy however risks serious malnutrition if that’s all he or she is given to eat.


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