Per San Valentino mi metto in “tutu”!

MODA/FESTIVITA’ – Se state pensando a un graziosissimo “tutu” per abbigliare il vostro cucciolo per San Valentino, eccovi il sito specializzato: Make a Tail Wag.
Potrete trovare decine di tipi di tutu nelle 4 misure standard oppure ve lo confezionano come desiderate.

tutu for the occasion. At any rate, we were delighted to find a source for dog (and cat!) tutus and – since that’s just the kind of information that’s hard to find when you really need it – we wanted to be certain you knew that Make a Tail Wag is a wonderful source for these costumes. They’re available in many different colors and fabrics in four standard sizes – and if you can’t find what you want, they’ll modify any design to suit your needs.


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