Razze canine “troppo pure”!

ATTUALITA’ – Allarme inglese per l’eccessiva “purezza” di alcune razze di cani, dove allevatori hanno insistito sull’affinare caratteristiche a volte nocive per gli animali. I King Charles Spaniel non di rado hanno letteralmente il cranio troppo piccolo per il cervello e i bulldog le teste talmente grandi che all’ 86% non possono nascere con un parto naturale. Fonte


The British newspaper The Independent carries an interesting article – here – about the risks of overbreeding for some races of dogs. Breeders favor mating choices for pairs that are most likely to generate offspring strongly expressing the special characteristics of their race. Excessive selective breeding though may increasingly lead to “pure bred” but dysfunctional dogs. Among the examples cited, King Charles Spaniels, whose prized small heads may literally not be large enough to hold their brains, and classic British bulldogs, whose heads now tend to be so large that 86% of them cannot be naturally born.


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