Dolcetto o scherzetto? Emilù!

MODA/FESTIVITA’ – Per Halloween non far trovare impreparato il tuo quattro zampe pelosetto, previeni lo scherzetto e mangiati il dolcetto, con i costumi di Emilù!
Nella prima foto “Party Pumpkin”, il costume intero con motivo “zucca” in morbido vellutino, con occhi e bocca stampati sulla schiena e colletto in colore a contrasto.
Nella seconda foto “Horny Devil”, il costume intero da adorabile diavoletto, sempre in morbido vellutino, con corna e codino rosso applicati e l’immancabile mantellina in raso reversibile staccabile.
Entrambi i costumi sono venduti nelle misure dalla XS alla 5XL al costo di 50,00 euro ciascuno.


Halloween is not far off now and you wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared, without a costume for your four-legged friend. Take him or here trick-or-treating in one of these delicious disguises from Emilù!
“Party Pumpkin”, at the top above, is in soft pumpkin-colored velvet with a jack-o-lantern’s eyes and mouth on the back and with a collar in a contrasting shade.
In the secondo image, the questionably named “Horny Devil”. The name may be sound unfortunate to the ears of native English speakers, but this adorable costume, once again in soft velvet, features the obligatory red horns and tail as well as a detachable satin cape.
Both are available in sizes ranging from XS to 5XL at €50 each – about $65.


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