Topi musicisti

MUSICA – Se siete alla ricerca di una banda musicale veramente fuori dal normale eccovi i topi musicisti. La fotografa Ellen van Deelen, 51 anni, di Roosendaal, Olanda, è riuscita a insegnare ai suoi due ratti bianchi, Moppy e Witje, a sorreggere piccoli strumenti musicali e a posare per lei. Sono molto intelligenti – dice Ellen – e sono anche dei talentuosi attori, sanno come posare e comprendono ciò che dico! Ora la professionista fotografa sta considerando l’idea di insegnare ai roditori a suonare gli strumenti e farne così una banda formidabile. Ne dà notizia l’agenzia inglese Southwest News Service.


If you’re looking for a band with something special, how about a group of musical mice? Perhaps not quite yet, but Dutch photographer Elle van Deelen, age 51, may be getting there. So far she has taught her two white rats, Moppy and Witje, to hold their instruments and to pose for their portraits. They’re very intelligent – Ellen says – and they’re also talented actors who know how to pose and understand what I say to them! Now the professional photographer is thinking about trying to teach them to play their little instruments, making a real band out of them. This information is from an article distributed by the Southwest News Service.


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