Orsi boxeurs in Cina!

SPORT – L’ultima follia cinese in fatto di animali è quella messa in atto da uno Zoo che, per attrarre visitatori e massimizzare i profitti, insegna agli animali sport fino ad ora praticati dagli umani. La foto ci mostra gli orsi che apprendono il pugilato, ma ci sono anche le scimmie che fanno ginnastica sulle parallele o passeggiano sui trampoli. Volendo approfondire, la fonte è qui.


Western animal protection groups are unhappy that bear boxing and other absurd sport like gymnastics for monkeys not only persist but are popular in today’s China. The practice of using exotic animals in circuses in Europe has largely died out, both because of the protests of animals groups and simply because, here at least, it is prohibitively expensive to do so. Recent news in Italy has stirred concern on the subject. The issue had a wave in popularity in the Anglo-Saxon countries in the period preceding the Beijing Olympics in 2008. You can read more here


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