Le cucce “castagna” di Dog is a God

PET DESIGN – In giardino le castagne cadono tutto l’anno con le originali cucce “Castagna Doghouses” della collezione DOG IS A GOD – Design Italo Bosa. Sono realizzate dalla Bosa Ceramica, smaltate in color marrone opaco con imbottitura interna beige. Il prodotto è totalmente Made in Italy ed è disponibile in 2 misure: small, da euro 708, e large da euro 912. Si acquistano da NOmadeDESIGN


You have probably been wondering where you could find a solid ceramic dog house in the form of a chestnut. Joking aside, the natural line and coloring of these doggy homes – “Castagna Doghouses” – would make them blend beautifully in a tree-filled backyard. They are from the DOG IS A GOD collection designed by Italo Bosa and are made in Italy by Bosa Ceramica. Enameled externally in opaque brown, the padded interiors are in beige. This unusual doghouse is available through NOmadeDESIGN. Prices begin at €708 for the smaller of the two and €912 for the larger.


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