Wooflink Collezione primavera/estate 2010!

MODA – La nuova collezione primavera/estate Wooflink è un’adorabile parodia di capi cool e glamour per i nostri cuccioli.
La scelta per la stagione calda in arrivo è ampia: abitini romantici o stile Rock, t-shirts o freschi top, confortevoli calzoncini o gonne hip-hop.


We’ve been looking over the Spring/Summer collection from Wooflink, a fascinating mingling for our pets of “cool” on the one hand and “glamour” on the other.
There’s an ample range of choices for the upcoming summer season: romantic “little dresses”, “rocker” styles, T-shirts and lightweight tops, comfortable shorts and hip-hop skirts – something, in other words, for every well-dressed dog.


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