La Regina di Cuori per il Carnevale in costume!

MODA IN COSTUME: Ancora una settimana di Carnevale per chi segue il rito Ambrosiano, con feste in costume che si susseguono.
Animal Glamour propone per le occasioni speciali ed eleganti un favoloso abito della casa di alta moda per cani Deny Alexander Design “La Regina di Cuori” e il vostro cucciolo sarà perfetto per seguirvi al “Gran Ballo” in costume.
Potete acquistarlo al volo sul sito Doggie Couture Shop al costo di 225 dollari, circa 165 euro.


The Carnival Season, which we’ve been writing about in these days, is on a somewhat different schedule here in Milan than in the rest of the Latin world. For complex and not very exciting historical reasons, the Catholic Church here follows a special set of customs called the “Ambrosian Rite” and our own Carnival will end only this coming weekend. That means we can still talk about animals in beautiful costumes! This stunning gown for the Queen of Hearts is by Deny Alexander Design and is available through the Doggie Couture Shop for $225, about €165.


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