Animal Glamour d’antiquariato!

ANTIQUARIATO – Come potete ben notare dalle immagini tratte da un servizio di antiquariato fotografico, esisteva già la moda o esigenza di vestire o abbigliare in modo eccentrico e quasi umanizzare gli animali.
Lo stile non mancava neppure allora ma credo che oggi ci sia più attenzione alla bellezza, non siete d’accordo?


Though it has never been more popular than today, humanizing pets by dressing them as people is hardly a new phenomenon. What is new though is the slow emergence of a thoroughly modern respect for the personal dignity of companion animals; no longer considered mere caricatures of humans, but creatures in their own right. Aside from certain painful excesses in the matter of Halloween costumes, this is clearly evident in the attention today directed to the beauty of our animal friends rather than toward the grotesque aspects revealed in these photos.


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