Gatti glamour

MODA/EVENTI – Splendidi felini in sfilata a New York, in occasione dell’American Kennel Club’s Meet the Breeds, evento dove tutti gli amanti dei pets hanno l’opportunità di vedere centinaia di razze rare di cani e gatti. Per l’occasione alcuni felini sono stati abbigliati con bellissimi o famosi costumi e immortalati dai fotografi. L’effetto è notevole ma spesso la loro espressione denota noia e irritazione. Dopotutto sono gatti e non cani! Ne dà notizia l’inglese The Sun.


Cats on the, ah – yes, we have to say this – “catwalk” during the American Kennel Club’s Meet the Breeds event which took place recently in New York. The intent was to introduce the public to the less common feline and canine breeds, but as long as the animals were there the organizers thought it would be fun to host a cat fashion show as well – with the splendid results above that we found in the British daily The Sun. We can’t help note though, once again, that cats just don’t seem to have as much fun playing dress-up as dogs do.


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